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CoolKicks Sneakers

  • Saturday, 14 October 2023
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CoolKicks Sneakers

It's summer time once again, and if you're like me, you're probably looking for some hot new street wear, including cool kicks! CoolKicks has everything you're looking for - from stylish BMX inspired shoes to stylish tennis kicks sneakers They are a UK based brand that is relatively new but have already created a buzz around them.

CoolKicks was co-founded by twin brothers Ryan and Adam Wright, who met when they were kicks sneakers cool kicks sneakers They wanted to make shoes that were as fashionable as skateboarding, and had made a few successful ventures. They had a vision, and their mission was to produce something that was as cool as skateboard clothing, but also had the durability of street wear. Their first offering was called Shredder and was extremely popular among UK skaters. The brand was sold in small boutiques around the country, and then they moved onto making CoolKicks.

Shredder was an instant hit! People loved the bright colors, and the awesome kicks sneakers It even won a Grand Prix at the 2021 UK Open Skateboarding Festival. After so much hype, it was time to bring it to the US, where its fan base had been increasing dramatically. This was a risky move, as skateboard fad trends have a tendency of fizzling out, usually without a good explanation! But CoolKicks pulled it off, and their sales momentum just grew from there.

They've expanded quite extensively since their UK heyday and now have several clothing lines, including dresses, which they sell in conjunction with a wide selection of accessories. They also have a popular line of sandals, known as the Shredder Flip, which really took off this season. The brand has also developed a great deal of online support, allowing customers to get the best prices, wherever in the world they may be. This has really helped their bottom line, which is always a bonus!

The brand really seems to want to stand out from the crowd, and they have done so very well. Their clothes are attention getting and extremely stylish, as well as being highly functional for skateboarding. Their attention to detail and attention to the latest fashion trends is clearly visible in their designs. Many of their designs rival those of popular designer labels, and their quality is certainly top notch.

They're offering a free worldwide shipping on all of their footwear, so you can truly feel like a kid again when you head over to the store. And their customer service and after-sales service have always been good. This is a brand that I'd recommend to anyone looking for a great brand with big style!

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