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Cool Kicks Sneakers

  • Friday, 13 October 2023
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Cool Kicks Sneakers

Cool Kicks is the latest sneaker by urban-chic label urban fitness lifestyle. From oversized shoes to acid-washed jeans, from tracksuits to ballerina flats, Urban-chic women have it all. The brand's signature cool and chic attitude has made them a favorite with the teenage girls of the hip-hop culture. Urban fitness lifestyle brands cater to teenage girls who dream of having a glamorous career, but do not have the money for it. Through clever marketing, Urban-chic women can own a cool shoe brand without spending a fortune.

Cool Kicks started its life as the brainchild of four young entrepreneurs - founders Lisa Fitzgerald, Serena Lewis, Rachel oversight, and Jessica Simpson. These women had all come from different backgrounds. Ms. Lewis had been a dancer before she came to the United States. Ms. Simpson had studied international business at college and had worked for an investment banker before becoming a fashion designer in New York City. Ms. Simpson is also a professional tennis player. In order to incorporate their backgrounds into a brand, they decided to start a company with the same name.

Cool Kicks now makes sneakers, handbags, hats, jewelry and accessories. Their line of shoes and sandals are especially designed keeping in mind the needs of urban women. They are reasonably priced and come in a variety of styles and sizes. Unlike other brands that produce specialized footwear for athletic use only, Cool Kicks takes athletic women into account. The company's sneakers are suitable for all athletic activities including tennis, running, golfing, and track and field.

Urban fitness craze is all about wearing stylish clothes that make you feel cool. The new line of cool Kicks sneakers by this brand is no exception. The sneakers are sporty, yet look very much like the popular Nike sneakers. The women's sneaker line boasts of many cool features such as mesh accents, embroidered details, suede and nubuck uppers, a stretchy toe and a rubber sole.

The shoes from Cool Kicks are available in various colors. They can be worn to work, to school, to the gym or just shopping with friends. The colors include pink and red, black and grey, white and blue, yellow and red, purple and green, and orange and black. The women's sneakers have been designed with comfort in mind so even if you're overdoing it on the gym, you can still look stylish.

Even Cool Kicks sneakers have a gender-friendly fashion statement. Though the company targets women mainly, some of their products are available for men. For example, a man's version of the famous Nike Air Flight Hyper Jacket has been launched.

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