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Looking back at the Nike Flight series basketball shoes (4)

  • Friday, 13 October 2023
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                        Looking back at the Nike Flight series basketball shoes (4)


     However, the re-enacted version of cool kicks Air Flight 89 we see today is not the real body of the original Flight at the time, but its Low Cut version.

   As we all know, most of the basketball cool sneakers in the 1980s and even the early 1990s adopted the traditional and somewhat awkward high-top design. The flexible Air Flight 89 is not immune to vulgarity, but compared to the Forces, its upper is slightly lower and the upper is slightly lower. It’s also a bit thinner later, and nothing more. Due to the limitations of technology and the conservativeness of the market, it is difficult for designers to make drastic changes in Air Flight 89. And like many popular sneakers at the time,coolkicks Air Flight 89 also had its own Low Cut version at that time.

   What's more interesting is that in fact, the name Air Flight 89 at the time did not use the year 89, but directly referred to as Air Flight and cool kicks Air Flight Low. In fact, before the late 90s of last century, many of Nike's product names were far less rigorous than they are now. Not only for the Flight series basketball shoes, but even the naming of the Air Max running shoes is very confusing, until the Japanese "Boon" magazine "unauthorized" re-organized the naming rules of Nike. As for the various stories behind this, there is a chance. Let's talk to you slowly.

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