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Looking back at the Nike Flight series basketball shoes (1)

  • Friday, 13 October 2023
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                Looking back at the Nike Flight series basketball cool kicks shoes (1) 

    This time, we will focus our attention on the Flight family with the most popular and classic works among the three factions. Similar to the reshuffle of the Uptempo series in the early 21st century, the Flight series also swayed under the two dimensions of speed and height, including different styles of midsole technology such as coolkicks Zoom Air and Shox, as well as Foam, Flywire, etc. Different styles of vamp technology have all left their shadows on Flight sneakers of different ages.

     In the column below, we first set our sights on cool kicks Blazer, the first pair of basketball shoes under the Nike brand.

     From a serious pedigree, cool kicks Blazer was obviously not included in the Flight series at first, but in 2005 Nike launched Asia Hoop Pack for the three major series in Asia, Blazer became Air Flight 89 and Shox MTX together. Representative of Flight.

     Although such an official certification may be a little added, if you really understand the story of Blazer as a coolkicks basketball shoe, you can't understand the flight spirit it contains. It can even be said that even though Nike has been launched in the past forty years There are many classic coolkicks basketball shoe series including Force, but the one that truly represents the spirit of Swoosh, if you want to give only one name, it is Flight-Flying.

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