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Coolkicksmall ---Help U Buy

Coolkicksmall ---Help U Buy

  • Saturday, 11 November 2023
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1. Calculation method of product and service fees:

After the customer provides the link, divide the CNY price of the link by 6.5 to get the USD price of the product.
Product price USD = CNY price/6.5
Service fee USD = product price USD*0.2,
(1) If the settlement via this method is less than USD20, the minimum fee will be USD20.
(2) If the settlement in this way is higher than USD20, the settlement will be based on the actual calculation result.
Total receipt USD = product price USD + service fee USD

2. Logistics cost price:

When our warehouse receives the goods, we will pack and weigh them, and then we will give you feedback based on the actual weight to collect the freight. 

3.For Example
Example 1: When purchasing multiple products, the total price is higher than 1,000 RMB, then divide by 6.5, then multiply by 20%, and a handling fee of US$30 will be charged.

Example 2: The total purchase price is 500 to 600 RMB, then divided by 6.5, then multiplied by 20%, which is less than 20 US dollars, so it is charged at 20 US dollars.

4.Customer Service Contact information:

If u are interested ,just dm us to help u buy any u want.

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