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Cool kicks OLLIE MOB丨These four pairs of skateboarding shoes not only keep warm, but also your niche choice!

  • Friday, 13 October 2023
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Cool kicks OLLIE MOB

---These four pairs of skateboarding shoes not only keep warm, but also your niche choice!

      In addition to the continuous low temperature and injuries brought by the cold winter, what surprises can there be? There is also a sluggish state and a feeling of feet below freezing point. Yes, cool kicks skateboarding belongs to summer as well as surfing, and winter is really not very friendly for Banzi.

      The tense body will make you "full of ugliness" without any state, and coolkicks the lethality of the road teeth will be a hundred times higher than that of summer. However, on your path to becoming a Pro, these stumbling blocks are obviously not worth mentioning.

      How to coolkicks keep your golden feet in the cold outdoors is the most fundamental and fatal problem. In order to let the majority of colleagues get rid of this trouble as soon as possible, today the editor will take you to experience what is your "booster" for your promotion to Pro.

Avenue & Son x Vans Skate Sid

"Flicks of Fury"

    First of all, the first one must be the Skate Sid named "Flicks of Fury" jointly launched by Vans and the leading skateboard brand in China at the end of October this year, Avenue & Son. Cool sneakers The entire pair of shoes is inspired by old-school Kung Fu movies, and combined with Chinese skateboarding cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, etc., these place names are printed on pure white like rice paper in the form of traditional calligraphy. The leather material is matched with the redesigned upper according to the skater's wishes to create a wearing experience that perfectly fits the sole of the foot and is wear-resistant and anti-freeze. I believe that putting on these Kung Fu boots will definitely make you regain your "Q bomb" foot feel.

Kevin Bradley x Nike SB Blazer Low "Heaven"

     As a signed skater of Fucking Awesome and Supreme, Kevin Bradley can be said to be an all-star figure in the skateboarding industry. After launching the "Palm Tree Scratch" with Nike SB in 2018, in 2020, Kevin Bradley and Nike SB once again launched two coolkicks Nike SB Blazers with the theme of heaven and hell. This Blazer Low represents heaven. The blue shoe body and cloud-shaped Swoosh interpret the heaven imagined by Kevin Bradley. The Swoosh changes also show the sincerity of Nike SB for this cooperation. The raindrop pattern on the heel was inspired by that he and his grandma both liked rainy days and used it to commemorate his grandma. As the biggest highlight of this pair of shoes, the design of the Velcro shows the relaxed state of Kevin Bradley when skateboarding. Kevin Bradley also expressed in the interview that he hopes to bring a more comfortable feeling to the boarders through this design.

Kevin Bradley x Nike SB Blazer Mid "Hell"

     This red Nike SB Blazer Mid represents the "Hell" in the main body. The design is inspired by Kevin Bradley's favorite character in Star Wars-Death Maul. The black pattern on the insole corresponds to the totem on Death Maul's face. Interestingly, the embroidered pattern on the heel of the cool kicks shoe is the evil eye of Death Maul. The suede upper can provide you with a more warm wearing experience while maintaining wear resistance. The design of the middle can also provide protection for your ankles when skateboarding. You have no reason to refuse such a pair of skateboarding shoes with stories, superstar aura blessing and anti-many.

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