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Shop Cool Kicks to Stand Out in a Crowd

  • Friday, 13 October 2023
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Shop Cool Kicks to Stand Out in a Crowd

Urban-chic and hip hop style boutique Shop Cool Kicks has its unique line of products that are created by young urban artists and designers in the city. They are a hip-hop clothing line with an edgy, street vibe & attitude. The shop is located on Yves Saint Laurent Street in New York City. Urban-chic clothing boutique stocking urban wear, urban labels & high-end sneakers.

"We create a very unique kind of store," explains shop owner Sarah Lane. "The atmosphere is really edgy and youthful. People come and shop here to be noticed." The shop sells many kinds of urban wear from baggy jeans, to oversized tees, to hoodies and jewelry.

The shop started as a one-man operation. Owned and operated by Sarah Lane (aka Shop Cool Kicks), it was opened in October 2021. "It wasn't like we were making a lot of money, but we wanted to have our own business," says Sarah. The shop quickly began to pick up momentum and was featured on Complex Magazine's "Shop" page, which is dedicated to urban brands.

Urban-chic labels like House of Dereon, Don't, and eLuxury have also picked up on the craze for Shop Cool Kicks. "They all sell great stuff," says Sarah. The shop specializes in quality urban tees, knits, sweatshirts and hoodies. In addition to their clothing line, they also sell accessories such as hats, caps, shoes, and more.

In the winter, they offer trendy knitwear sweaters, cardigans. In the summer, they offer comfortable sweatshirts in both light and dark colors. To make their clothing as versatile as possible, they design it so that it can be worn for different seasons. For example, they create a cardigan that can be worn during fall and winter, a hoodie that can be worn in spring and summer, and more. The versatility of their designs has made them very popular among shoppers everywhere.

While many clothing lines have become mainstream, many still cater to an edgy, niche market. "The hip hop and urban look are still very much in fashion, but it's not like it used to be," says Sarah. "It's great that companies like ours are able to come out with great products that really reflect that era." Sarah and her team truly care about making sure that their customers are happy. If you're looking for a way to get in on the trend before it gets lost, then shop cool kicks for your next outfit!

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