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PSP Game Review - Planetfall

  • Sunday, 25 June 2023
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PSP Game Review - Planetfall

A recent release from the PSP marketplace has been the highly anticipated RPG, PKGoden Air Force 1.PKGoden air force 1 From the trailers it appeared that this title had the same feel as old favorites such as God of War and Star Trek. I was eager to find out what this new PSP game had to offer me. After downloading it, I noticed that it lacked quite a few elements that the older games had. Let me go through each of them and point out why they were not included in this one. Enjoy!

Unlike its predecessors, God of War Air Force 1 does not play on the PS2's hard drive.PKGoden air force 1 PKGoden air force 1 Instead, it utilizes the PSP's memory. I must say that this is a nice feature because it made the game much more accessible for me since all I had to do was insert my memory card into the system and play. However, this is a drawback as far as some hardcore fans are concerned. It's pretty obvious that the developers chose not to include some features in this game, so overall the experience on this platform lacks a bit of appeal.

Another main issue with this game is the fact that it runs on PSP's memory only. This means that you can only use it on PSP consoles. To put it simply, this meant that it could not be played on the Wi-Fi connections provided by most modern consoles. The fact that it is a first party title does not help matters as it supports both types of connections, but it was a little disappointing that it only played on the memory card.

The graphics are quite basic and next to the poorly animated original God of War games of yesteryear. You can clearly see that it is an updated version. For a first time title, this did not really deliver the type of graphics that I had hoped for. The character models themselves looked rather generic and I'm sure that you can imagine many people complaining about the lack of detailing on them. This game certainly doesn't live up to the expectations that fans had for it and I really feel that it could have been better if the game had simply been optimized for higher resolutions.

One thing that I personally thought the game lacked was variety. If there was one complaint against the God of War series, it was the same old level design that has been used since the introduction of the franchise. However, in Planetfall, Kojima wanted to try something new and was able to do just that. The game starts with you aboard an aircraft that takes off and lands on a planet known as Venus. Your task is to go forth into the Venusian wilderness and fight off waves of enemy soldiers who are occupying the land. The actual action is quite varied and there are multiple missions to complete, which keep the gameplay interesting.

Overall, I felt that this game was well made and would make a great game to play for those that are new to the series or are looking for a solid action-filled third person shooter. It's certainly not as polished as the previous two games in the series but it's definitely a fun game to play and certainly an improvement on what we've been used to seeing in the God of War series. I give it an average score based on its story, visuals, sound, and playability.

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