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PKGoden Air Force 1 - A Computer Game Review

  • Sunday, 25 June 2023
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PKGoden Air Force 1 - A Computer Game Review

The PSP God Air Force 1 game is not only a worthy sequel of the original but it also has many new features that make this game a definite must have game for PSP fans.PKGoden air force 1 One interesting feature of the PSP God Air Force series is the option of personalization of your soldiers. This allows you to customize your soldiers with different haircuts, helmets and skins. All your soldiers look like their real life counterparts and that is what is most attractive about the game.

If you think the story of the PSP God Air Force is interesting, then the game will be one worth playing through.PKGoden air force 1 PKGoden air force 1 The story revolves around a young boy who turns out to be a pilot after getting a mysterious power. He orders the other pilots to attack the enemy without even thinking twice since he has this strange 'aura' around himself. But things take a turn for the worst when his friend gets killed during the attack and he later on finds out that his birth date is almost the same as his combat partner. The game is full of action, excitement and a unique storyline.

The graphics and sounds are both very impressive for the PC game platform. The environments are very realistic and one can feel almost like they are in the real world. The pilot will need to be quick while flying and therefore having a good aim is required. The pilot's seat is responsive and the controls on the plane are very well explained. The whole cockpit is animated and looks very cool, especially when the scenery is viewed from an aerial view. All the maps and stages are fully featured and are designed according to a great extent.

This game is quite similar to the original version and is very much enjoyed by kids. The storyline and the way the missions are given are very similar to that of the original movie. The action scenes are fast paced and require the player to have the right mental and physical stamina to complete each mission. The player has to survive various levels and also fight some big bosses. The graphics and effects are very good on the whole.

This game is actually an upgrade of the classic movie where the same characters starred as major characters. The new plot and settings of the movie make this game all the more interesting. The user interface is pretty simple and intuitive, making it a perfect game for casual players as well. This air force simulator game is available free on several gaming websites. This version costs $2.99 as of now but it is expected that it would go on discount soon.

Overall, the player has to make his own judgments while playing this game. It is definitely a PC entertainment that kids and adults alike will enjoy playing. The use of one's intelligence will make the player to finish the game without any boredom.

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