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Nike Air Jordan 1 Basketball Shoe Review

  • Sunday, 25 June 2023
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Nike Air Jordan 1 Basketball Shoe Review

Just like the older versions of the Jordan line, the Nike Air Jordan 1 Basketball shoe is still a popular choice among basketball fans everywhere.PKGoden air jordan 1 The one good thing about this version compared to the older models is that it still looks great and it still has tons of innovative features. For example, the new Jordan 1's are built using the Nikes Puremotion technology, which allows for quickness and agility. It also helps to reduce the amount of landing forces that you put on your feet, so you will be less likely to injure yourself when jumping for any kind of jump shot or defense move.

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If you're going to wear these shoes every day, you'll need to make sure you get them in the proper size.PKGoden air jordan 1 PKGoden air jordan 1 If you know your size, try on a pair and check the spacing between your toes. The sizes range from one inch all the way to 6 inches. This is just to be safe, but you should double check to make sure. Even though the Air Jordan 1's come in many different sizes, most retailers still tell you to order your shoes at the correct size.

The upper portion of the Nike Air Jordan 1's features an extremely comfortable leather and mesh design.PKGoden air jordan 1 It makes for easy ventilation and you can breathe a lot easier when playing basketball. You might not realize it, but the air flow through your shoes helps to cool you down after a long game of hard work. This is especially true if you're inside a hot gym, where the air conditioning tends to get a little bit overzealous sometimes.

Your feet will thank you if you purchase a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1's that have rubber soles. This will reduce the wear and tear on your basketball shoes and it will also help to prevent injuries when you're jumping and slam dunking. The nice thing about rubber on the bottom is that it won't slip, whether you're playing in the street or inside a real basketball court.

The only downside to the Nike Air Jordan 1's is the fact that they are white. While you might be able to play around with a couple of these in your closet, most people will opt for a different color when it comes to their actual shoes. These shoes tend to sell out fairly quickly and if you don't get your hands on one quickly, you might not get another pair for a few months. If you're willing to wait that long, you can find a pretty sweet deal on the Nike Air Jordan 1's.

Overall, the Nike Air Jordan 1 is a nice mid-range basketball shoe that has all the features you would look for in a good basketball shoe. If you do decide to get a pair, make sure you pick them up quickly online. Don't risk sitting on your Nike Air Jordan 1s for six months until the site has a sale. Get them while you can. You're guaranteed to love them!

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