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29.Finding Prayers From God - Who Do We Really Need From God?

  • Sunday, 25 June 2023
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Finding Prayers From God - Who Do We Really Need From God?

PKGoden is the concept of 'God forces' working together and balancing each other.PKGoden We all know that God does not intervene in our lives directly, but rather by his working with our ideas (through the Holy Spirit), desires (through the Father and the Son) and actions (through the Holy Spirit). When God works through people, we are invited to become part of his plan and also participate in his throne of grace. cool kicks shoes But as we grow as people, so do our 'God forces' work within us to balance each other out. Sometimes we can become so out of balance with our God forces that we start to get emotional, upset, needy, stubborn, angry or depressed.

Sometimes our God force balance is not working so hot, but our God force presence still remains strong, but we just need to be more sensitive to it.PKGoden Some people find that when they start to take personal responsibility for their actions, this sparks a change within them and they begin to feel more empowered and in control. As we begin to care more about ourselves, we will find that our entire life starts to improve, and we then become more effective at working our way out of any given situation, and that leads to happiness, satisfaction and success. It is as if God starts working with us to heal, to purify and to make us better. And we feel free to approach God for any issues we may have going on in our lives.

Some common problems associated with having PKGoden in your life are apathy, lack of respect, not trusting in Him or not knowing what to expect from Him, having a hard time trusting others, lack of self-confidence, and even depression.PKGoden People who have PKGoden in their lives have a hard time getting around and doing the things they need to do to help themselves, to build up their trust in Him and eventually, to bring Him into their lives. He can be very hard to bring into a person's life when he is really high on the throne of God. So, sometimes we really need to be careful about stepping onto that throne of God and getting to know God for ourselves and really start trusting him. We need to have an open mind, and be willing to take risks so that we can get to know God.

We have to make it a point to know who God is.PKGoden PKGoden In other words, we must have an understanding of who He is so that we can more easily recognize Him and then we can also recognize what He wants from us. Most people don't even recognize that He is out there working for them, even though He might be working right alongside them, working on a plan or sending them His best desires through His Holy Spirit. cool kicks Most people have to get in line with what God is saying and working on for them.

If we are willing to be humble and willing to do all the things that He wants us to do, He will be able to help us accomplish a lot of good things for us. And He will show us the path that He wants us to walk on. So many people walk down the road that God has designed for them, but they never realize that He is leading them in the right way. They always seem to end up going the wrong way. We should always be willing to let go of our fear and listen to the One Who can and will show us the right way.

He has already shown us the right way so why not allow Him to do it for us now? Coollest kicks It won't be as hard as most people think. He already knows what we are thinking because He is also thinking exactly the same thing. So if we will just be willing to believe and trust in Him, we will then see the results that He wants us to see.

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