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Entering December, which cool kicks pair of sneakers will become your "final piece" for buying shoes this year?(2)

  • Friday, 13 October 2023
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Entering December,

-----which cool kicks pair of sneakers will become your "final piece" for buying shoes this year?(2)

Yeti Out x Vans Era

     My last cool kicks pair of shoes of the year I want to choose a pair of shoes with full of personality. Many friends who like party culture must be no strangers to Yeti Out. The activities they organize are very interesting and are loved by young people. The cool sneakers Yeti Out x Vans Era launched this time has a distinctive style, and the color matching of Mandarin Duck brings more personality to show. I think this black-and-white color scheme looks very good, and at the same time it looks very special. It should be fun to wear such a pair of shoes at a party!


      I am going to use a special coolkicks pair of basketball shoes as the ending of this year. The name of the shoe that attracted me at first, EQUALIZER ONE is the first pair of authentic basketball shoes named "一" in brand history. The overall design of the sneakers shows a tribute to the sneaker design universe in the 90s. When I first saw the pictures of these cool kicks shoes, I felt that there was a sense of design from the inside out. The performance of the sneakers is also relatively comprehensive. It is equipped with the "Zero Cushioning Technology" that has the top performance in the supercritical foaming field released by the brand for the first time. I am going to buy a pair of these basketball shoes to play more in winter.

Nike Dunk High

       I've always liked Dunk very much. I will choose this pair of Nike Dunk High for the last pair of shoes this year. I bought them mostly low-tops. This coolkicks pair of Nike Dunk High is olive green. I think it is quite special. Pairing with a pair of dark pants should be a good choice. I really like this two-color Dunk. It is really a matching artifact. It can be said that it looks good no matter how you wear it. I think this color is also very suitable for winter wear, a color that looks very comfortable.

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