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What is so special about the "team shoes" blessed by the star version?(1)

  • Sunday, 25 June 2023
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Best rookie exclusive color scheme

Give team shoes a new ``soul''

"Three Balls" Ball's personal first pair of signature shoes MB.01 is about to debut, cool kicks for him is definitely a milestone moment full of commemorative significance. Prior to this, PUMA created a pair of Court Rider with special color matching for him, in order to commemorate the "three goals" won the honor of "Best Rookie". I believe everyone is familiar with Court Rider's actual combat shoes. The performance is very comprehensive, which is in line with the "three-ball" style. The body of the shoe uses a dazzling fluorescent color cool shoes with excellent recognition. The first time I saw this pair of shoes, it left a deep impression on people. Friends who are familiar with "Three Balls" may know that he loves the fluorescent green color, remember that fluorescent color sports car!

Strong performance in the first season

Absolutely the "strongest representative" of the Bauer family


In the 2020 draft, "Three Goals" was selected by the Hornets with the third overall pick in the first round, starting the NBA journey. He grew up very quickly in the first season and soon became the core of the team leader. With his outstanding performance, he won the honor of the best rookie. The "three goals" playing style is very elegant, sharp breakthroughs,cool kicks website  iconic pull rod layups, and precise three-point long shots have brought him countless fans. In the first season, he was able to get comprehensive data of 15.7 points, 5.9 rebounds, and 6.1 assists per game, and he became cool shoes the best rookie, which made everyone admire. Before the official arrival of the exclusive boots, this pair of "Best Rookie" color version of Court Rider is the best compliment for his outstanding performance.

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