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The look of this pair of retro sneakers is really amazing. You can glimpse people’s dreams back to the legendary age of the Rose of Wind.

  • Monday, 06 December 2021
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At first glance, the red and gray color interwoven shoe body looks very eye-catching and eye-catching. And this color combination, coupled with the vintage shoe body full of time, it is really full of texture. There is also the big white toe cool kicks website cap, which also looks full of retro feeling. The classic design that comes with this old cool sneaker, after the passage of time, was originally a big killer to improve the recognition.

However, simply re-engraving the classics, it is inevitable that some people will worry about the actual combat experience of this pair of sneakers. After all, it has been more than ten years since the first sale of this pair of shoes. Therefore, the designer not only retains the original design, but also injects it with a new era of technology genes. The newly added cool kicks Lightstrike midsole technology this time brings a better rebound and cushioning experience to the shoes. In terms of wearing comfort, the re-engraved shoes this time are naturally also very good.

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