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The former "Bull Dynasty" Made countless people fall in love with basketball

  • Sunday, 25 June 2023
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  The former "Bull Dynasty"  Made countless people fall in love with basketball

    How strong the Bulls dynasty back then is really impossible to describe in one or two sentences, whether it is on the offensive line or on the defensive end, this team gives people a sense of impeccable. Cool Kicks Website It’s not an exaggeration to say that Michael Jordan changed the course of basketball. What’s more terrifying is that there are players like Pippen and "Big Worm" Rodman on the team. They are not just around Jordan. "Green Leaf", everyone can be called a historical figure.

    DeMar DeRozan is the core leader of this team, playing a very important role on both offensive and defensive ends. He currently averages 26.3 points per game, ranking sixth in the scoring list. As a 32-year-old veteran, Still has a very explosive scoring ability. Many people think that DeRozan is the player with the most Kobe style playing in the league today. Cool Kicks Shoes He is a true "Kobe protégé", especially for back-up singles and turn-over jumpers. It is really too cool. Previously, DeRozan watched a lot of games with the Spurs, and he gave everyone the feeling that he was a very serious "cold killer." The offensive end has too many skills, it can be said to be an excellent "offensive kaleidoscope." Such comprehensive skills are rare in the current league. Many people say that DeRozan's style of play is very retro, cool shoe sand it has the flavor of a swingman in the 90s.

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