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Boost ultimate form! Co-branded new shoes have just been on sale! Netizen: It's all details!

Boost ultimate form! Co-branded new shoes have just been on sale! Netizen: It's all details!

  • Sunday, 25 June 2023
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The "Transformers" series, which was born in 1984, has become a childhood cool kicks memory of countless people with its cool special effects and compact plot. This classic IP also extends to comic books, novels and other peripheral forms, and is also loved by players.

Recently, adidas has teamed up with Hasbro's "Transformers" to coolkicks create a new joint shoe based on X9000 L4. I believe that many "Transformers" fans have been planted again.

Today, the editor brings you out of the box, but I didn’t expect this pair of shoes to have hidden gameplay!

The whole pair of shoes is shown in blue with metallic gray, supplemented by red embellishment, echoing the image of Optimus Prime.

The silver three-bar logo on the cool kicks shoes body is stroked in red, exuding Optimus Prime’s eye-catching attributes, and the fast lacing system helps players to achieve more convenient putting on and taking off.

The upper is made of fabric material, which is more cool kicks website breathable and comfortable to wear. The RPU material patch on the toe creates a hard visual effect and enhances the mechanical feeling.

The biggest highlight is the Optimus Prime icon cassette cool shoes design on the tongue, with a rechargeable LED light-emitting device, which not only enhances the recognition of the shoes, but also creates a full sense of technology and future.

The geometric shape of the full palm JETBoost coolkicks midsole is integrated with the streamlined shoe body to make the overall visual atmosphere more unified, while having excellent cushioning effects.
The flame pattern on the heel further deepens the public's sense of role substitution.
The insoles have TRANSFORMERS cool kicks and adidas Logos, highlighting the joint identity, and are printed with the avatars of Optimus Prime and Megatron, showing the antagonism of the two forces.

Along with the sale of the joint shoes, adidas will also hold the Adidas "X9000 L4 Battle" at the Adidas Mini Brand Center Store on Global City Avenue in Beijing from December 8th to December 14th.
Interested players can go to offline shops to cool shoes cheer for their favorite factions through fun running competitions.
The winning party will also hold a special lighting ceremony.
I believe that sneaker players and Transformers fans have one more place to check in.

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