CoolKicks Daily Shipping Package

2023/6/1 coolkicksmall daily shipping package

2023/6/1 coolkicksmall daily shipping package

  • Sunday, 25 June 2023
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This is coolkicks sending shoe packages every day

Sending time:2023/6/1

Q:How many days will be get shoes? 

A: Only took 2-3 weeks u will be get shoes.

Q:Is coolkicksmall legit? 

A:YES,We have shipped thousands of pairs of shoes

The following is the logistics information of some coolkicks customers:

1.Shipping out time:2023/6/1

   Deliver time: 2023/6/12

   Shipping days: 12 days

   Destination:China to United States

   Logistics company:USPS

2.Shipping out time:2023/6/1

   Deliver time: 2023/6/15

   Shipping days: 14 days

   Destination:China to Germany

   Logistics company:DHL

3.Shipping out time:2023/6/1

   Deliver time: 2023/6/14

   Shipping days: 14 days

   Destination:China to Finland

   Logistics company:DHL

4.Shipping out time:2023/6/1

   Shipping days: 10-15 days

   Logistics company:DHL/USPS

How to get coolkicks tracking number:

WAY 1.Pls check: Track Order

WAY 2.DM Customer Service:




WAY 3.Please click QC link to confirm the tracking number with 3-5 days

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